Lavery's Bar
Clonard Monastery
Frank Owen's Front Room
St Malachy's Belfast
Smithfield House
Belfast Cathedral
Lisburn Cathedral
The Hillside
Fireside in Lavery's
Alexander's Bar, Lisburn
The Hertford Arms
Lizzie Drake's Bar
Hillside Front Bar
Smithfield House Lounge
Coburn's - By the Fire
The Choir Stalls
The Speckled Hen
McFeeley's, Clonmany
Coburn's Pub, Dromara
Saint Chapelle
The Linfield Bar
Ireland's Smallest Church
In a Position of Power
Frank Owen's Bar
Robbie Cahoon's
The Church in the Canyon
The Highway Inn
King's Bar, Finnis
The Three Crowns
Fireside in the Inn
Bellagio Casino
Hague's Bar, Lisburn
Alexander's - Behind the Bar
Hague's Fireplace
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